Know more about International Private Health Insurance in Austria

Stays of up to 6 months

For stays of up to six months (with or without visa) a travel health insurance is usually sufficient. Please bear in mind, however, that it must be valid in Austria and provide sufficient cover for different health issues (covering medical costs of more than 30,000 euros, including guarantee to cover possible recovery and repatriation costs, and it must be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Austria). Travel insurance policies often have to be purchased before travelling to Austria.

Stays of more than 6 months

There are different types of residence permits in Austria:

I) Aufenthaltsbewilligung (temporary stay in Austria for a certain purpose = Temporary Residence Permit)

Betriebsentsandter = employee sent TDY (temporary duty)Rotationsarbeitskraft = rotational employee (company representative/manager/executive)Selbsttändiger = self-employmentForscher = researcher (individual doing research work at an Austrian academic, research or educational institution)Künstler = artist (self-employed or employed)Sonderfälle unselbständiger Erwerbstätigkeit = e.g. journalist, guest lecturer, au-pairStudent = student attending college/university in AustriaSchüler = student attending school (grade 1-12) in Austria

II) Niederlassungsbewilligung (for foreigners who plan to live in Austria for a longer time period = Permanent Residence Permit), i.a:

Any purpose, private reasons (e.g. move to Austria in retirement)Employment or self-employment under certain circumstancesFamily members of aliens living in Austria, family re-unification.

health insurance covering „all risks“

Persons from third countries will only get a residence title for staying for more than six months if they can provide proof of having a health insurance covering„all risks“. Travel health insurance policies are only sufficient for the period between entering Austria and taking out a health insurance covering „all risks“. In this case applicants have to provide proof of having taken out a travel health insurance (covering medical costs of more than 30,000 euros, including guarantee to cover possible recovery and repatriation costs, valid for at least three months) and they have to document the probability that they will take out a health insurance covering „all risks“ after entering Austria (e.g. by means of a preliminary contract).

Private health insurance

It is also possible to take out private health insurance. The benefits of a private health insurance covering „all risks“ must essentially correspond to that of the national health insurance and not considerably differ from it. It is essential that the insurance does not have any waiting periods, cost caps or exclude certain risks. Moreover, the insurance must pay for medical treatment in Austria directly.

To be recognized as a health insurance covering „all risks“ the relevant insurance company must present a written statement in this regard in addition to the insurance policy. Some insurance companies also provide online Information about respective health insurances that are accepted by the residence authorities, e.g. Care Austria

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